Space Shuttle Discovery

We had a long planned quick weekend trip to Florida to visit a dear Ponnusamy family friend in Clearwater.  As a bonus, I was able to change my flight last minute (through amazing magic with no fees) to arrive a day early to catch a night launch of Space Shuttle Discovery.  The bummer being that Lillie stayed back to wrap up business and take our originally scheduled flight.  She’s a trouper.

With my parents and sister, we made the 2.5 hour drive from Tampa over to Space Walk Park in Titusville, Florida.  It’s the closest spot you can get to (without tickets) with a clear view of the launch pad.  This clear view is still a whopping 12 miles away from the launch pad.

Quick aside: I’d be remiss to not mention Linda’s Crab Shack en route in Plant City, Florida.  This is the kind of place you dream of finding on a little road trip.  I ate/covered myself in garlic butter drenched blue crabs, fried corn on the cob, and a baked potato for a whopping $11.  I could eat this stuff every day.


Anyway…in Titusville about 1hr 45min before launch time, we staked out a pretty decent spot and I threw down my tripod amongst the hordes of other tripods.  Here’s the launch pad lights in the distance:


Everything I read about taking photos of a launch is that it’s not easy, and not to waste your time with it your first time so you can just enjoy the spectacle.  So my plan of attack was to go for a single long exposure that wouldn’t even require me to even touch the camera after setting it up.

Of course I blew it–totally overexposed, but oh well!  You should at least be able to make out the fireball at the launch, and then the trail arcing up and a bit to the left is the shuttle taking off.  Pretty amazing that this was taken at basically the stroke of midnight.  Really does light up the sky.


My sister snagged some video on her little point and shoot.  The first 30-seconds are worth watching both for the visuals and hearing my sister drop some OMGs.  (email and RSS subscribers will have to click over to the site)


My brother and I have talked for years about needing/wanting to see a launch.  Sadly, he watched this one back in LA on the internet.  Sorry bro!  (You’ve got six more launches to make it down there…)  And I don’t care how much the shuttle program costs us taxpayers because it’s awesome.  If only we spent more money on such awesomeness.

Finally, we’ll end with this photo from Clearwater Beach.  It would be a throwaway photo had it not been for the shirtless dude walking by in the background…

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