Plumbing Gaffe

After suffering through mere 3.1 surround sound for long enough, I finally went outside and ran some in-wall speaker wire for the two rear satellite channels. Basically, I ran the speaker out the wall behind the stereo receiver to outside and back into the house where I was mounting the speakers.
Several weeks pass after finishing this project and the guest bathroom toilet I never use was flushed. I was summoned from downstairs that the “speaker is raining”. Sadly, this rain might otherwise be called sewage.
I pulled out a drywall saw and uncovered just what I had done:
PICT0084 (Small).JPG
The picture really does speak for itself. But after the application of some space age epoxy, the hole in the PVC was plugged. Then after the patch-up job, we come to the much prettier:

Note: this entry will be deleted when/should I decide to sell the house. Potential buyers don’t need to know about these skeletons.

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