What almost ten month old doesn’t want to go on a vacation visiting wheat and legume fields?  For the long Memorial Day weekend, we headed off to the southeastern corner of the state to visit the Palouse.  Big shout out to Aunt Alex for coming from eastern Idaho to meet us.

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On the way to the Holiday Inn Express Pullman, we made a stop at Palouse Falls State Park—it’s a ~45 minute detour but well worth a quick look as this waterfall is seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  Completely unexpected.

Outside of Colfax, WA we started to get our first looks at the fields of green:

Washington State Cougars will recognize where Jordi munched on some breadsticks:

The next morning we hit up Kamiak Butte State Park for an excellent 3.5 mile loop trail with some nice views out to the fields.  This was the longest/steepest jaunt to date with Jordi riding in the backpack.

As is standard after any Klugusamy hike, we grabbed some burgers and shakes after our descent.  This time from another Pullman mainstay—Cougar Country Drive In.

Final destination of the trip was Steptoe Butte State Park which provides some nice 360 views after a steep drive up.  If you poke around online for photos of this area, you’ll see just how spectacular it can be in the early morning sunrise and sunset hours with nice light. We weren’t quite nimble enough on this trip to work around those hours, but this will at least give you a flavor.

Thanks to Alex for wrangling one or the other of our two boys most of the weekend.

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