Our Passports Are Full

One final and picture less footnote to our Middle East/North Africa adventure…

While we saw only a tiny sliver of Egypt in the pyramids around Cairo, I’d say the odds of us going back for the rest of the sights are quite low.  The prevalence and pushiness of all the touts trying to pry Egyptian Pounds out of our wallets was too painful.  It’s just not worth the hassle.

(Though I do take great pride in vigorously arguing with a Cairo cabbie on our final night of the trip who was trying to gouge us—I think he was left in complete disbelief that I had walked away paying the actual price for the service he provided.  I think Lillie was also in disbelief of my behavior.)

Thinking of our other visits in the region, there are better places to spend our dollars.  Every Jordanian in Jordan we encountered in 2009 couldn’t have been nicer.  Even everyone in Sana’a, Yemen was incredibly warm to this interracial American couple!

Anyway, with our arrival back home, we successfully filled our passport’s visa pages in less than 3.5 years of personal travel.  All within the sad confines of the normal two weeks/year of vacation policies.

It’s been a helluva run touching five continents—and sitting in the front of the airplane en route:

  • Cyprus / North Cyprus – where we got engaged
  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe / Chobe, Botswana / Madagascar – where we "honeymooned"
  • Galapagos Islands – best bang for the ease in planning
  • Round the World – Paris / Jordan / Uganda / Rwanda / Japan – our best and most epic trip to date
  • Katmai National Park, Alaska – grizzly bears galore
  • Churchill, Manitoba – polar bears here and there
  • Cape Town / Hong Kong – Lillie’s 30th birthday
  • Namibia – my 30th birthday
  • Barcelona, Spain / Socotra, Yemen / Cairo, Egypt – where we "babymooned"

There’s still work to be done, though.  Two more continents to visit.  Dreams of an annual trip to the African continent.  Spotting a Bengal in India.  We’ll continue to grow our frequent flyer mileage accounts in constant preparation for this and more.

But in the short term, we might have to curb some of the adventure and stick to LEGOLAND.  Old news to most everyone, but the Klugusamy family expects to grow in population in the coming days.  So please stay tuned for that news soon…

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