Muy Caliente!

97-degrees here in Seattle yesterday. That’s far from normal, as you might suspect. Unsuspecting Chelsea and Celtic were forced to play through the heat yesterday at Seahawks Stadium. I lost about ten much needed pounds sweating it out in the stands, while plenty of goals were scored in a 4-2 win for Chelsea.
I spent the last week in Atlanta. It was my first time down there but I have since learned that it’s definitely the Dirty South. Somehow though, I had the best sushi I’ve ever tasted–at MF Sushi. Though I was mistaken to think I’d be escaping the heat when I left. Arriving in Seattle on Friday night at 9pm it was almost 92 degrees out.
On my flight back I sat in an exit row seat next to a portly middle-aged woman from central Washington. She took the exit row responsibility quite seriously and after some discussion she initiated with me, it was decided that since I had the window seat, I would be the point man for opening the emergency exit door. I’m glad we hammered out those details.
And yeah, I’ve been falling off on the updates….but I’ll be picking up the slack…don’t delete those bookmarks, quite yet!

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