Mileage Running

I’m hooked on the traveling website FlyerTalk. In March, I’ll detail the uber-cheap weekend trip myself and four others are taking to Honolulu.. All thanks to info from FlyerTalk, of course.
Anyway, mileage running is the idea of taking a trip for the purpose of earning/maximizing frequent flyer miles. I was heading to Los Angeles to hang out with the family for President’s Day Weekend and decided to take advantage–or should I say AAdvantage?
I kept it simple on the outbound and just booked a simple Seattle-Burbank on Alaska Airlines. But when offered a free ticket in exchange for giving up my seat on that flight, I gladly obliged. The gate agent was trying to send me to So. Cal at 7pm (rather than my original 7am). I suggested to her that she look at SEA-Sun Valley-LAX for me. She banged away at the keyboard for a minute and said, “I can’t believe that works.” It was three hours slower, but worth it. Plus there’s an In-N-Out right by LAX. I won’t even get into how awful my fellow passengers were heading to Sun Valley for vacay.
Things were a little more interesting on the way back home. I booked Burbank-Dallas-JFK-Dallas-Seattle for the same price as Burbank-Seattle would have cost. Upon arriving in Dallas, my flight to JFK was delayed enough that I would have missed my flight back to Dallas–which was the last flight to Dallas of the night. This is actually the best thing that could have possibly happened. I then got myself on the next flight straight back to Seattle. But not before the gate agent asked me, “Sir, why did your travel agent book your ticket like this?” The brilliance of this is that I’ll get my mileage as if I had flown to JFK and back. I did my part of the deal, but American dropped the ball so it’s all good.
Back in Seattle 6 hours earlier than planned and ~12K miles earned for the day. Huzzah!

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  1. Vinod,
    You are now my official guru…thanks for the FT links and the stuff on photos. Lisa and I have erected an altar in our living room with your likeness. Enjoy my hometown this weekend!

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