In transit through Amsterdam

Lillie went to Africa for her 30th birthday, so it was only proper to repeat the same for myself.

Thus we’re currently in Amsterdam en route to Namibia–plus we’ll be meeting up with my parents and sister in Johannesburg in not too long.  (All our flight tickets were another award redemption coup–five premium class award tickets to South Africa in peak season using different award programs and all arriving the same morning.)

We just got back from a little excursion to Amsterdam after arriving this morning from the Northwest.  We rented bikes and cruised out to Uitdam and back—Marken further north was our target, but time and energy ran a little short.

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I’ll spare you the airplane food photos from the Delta flight over, but feel it is important to point out the pancake machine now operating at a few of the Alaska Airlines Board Rooms.

Pancake Machine!

That’s all for now.  Hopefully can snag some good sand dune and rhino photos in the coming week…stay tuned!

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