Hotel Room Views

My trip report from our trek to Cyprus and back hit a brick wall half-way through. So here are some tid bits to get the ball rolling again…finally…
Sheraton On The Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario – Paid $85 for a “No View” room and got the sweet free upgrade thanks to lowly SPG Gold
Le Meridien in Limassol, Cyprus – Paid an outrageous amount, but racked up oodles of Starwood points and enjoyed this Mediterranean view our first night on the island.
Oasis at Ayfilon in Karpas, Northern Cyprus – This place set us back a whopping $50. The only problem was we had no cash and they didn’t take credit cards. And the nearest ATM was 50km round trip. However, the local petrol station had a credit card machine. So we purchased $50 of gas for the hotel on the Visa…and we were off!
This was an absolutely stunning place and completely eco-friendly. Just six rooms here that rest above the sand and sea, which I feebly attempted to swim in (not even in salt water can I seem to float).
Everything was solar powered and there are even some Roman ruins just off from the breakfast nook. This is in the northern tip of the Turkish side, but absolutely worth the effort.

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