Fun With Dell Chat

My notebook’s battery casing is cracked and requires a screwdriver to extract it from the computer. I’ve got the Dell extended warranty so I hit up the chat to get them to send me a replacement. To help explain things, I gave the guy this fuzzy picture.
They tried to front on me at first, but they came around in the end. Despite the nonsense, I’m still a big Dell fan and only wish I owned lots and lots of their stock. Here’s how things went down:
Abdul: “I would like to inform that we would not be able to replace the battery as it’s only covered for one year warranty. And the laptop is old more then one year, so we could not able to replace the battery in this case.”
Abdul: “The best option is buying a new battery for the computer.”
Abdul: “Your computer’s indeed in the warranty, but the battery is not covered into that.”
Abdul: “I would have love to replace that if I could.”
BigBrownBoy: “what else doesn’t my warranty cover?”
Abdul: “So, I feel very sorry but please try to understand my limitations.”
BigBrownBoy: “this is very disappointing”
Abdul: “Othen then the battery, everything is covered. But the damaged parts.”
BigBrownBoy: “are the details of my warranty available online?”
Abdul: “As battery is out of warranty, but still let me talk to my supervisor that what can be the best I can offer you.”
Abdul: “Please allow me couple of minutes.”
BigBrownBoy: “thank you”
Abdul: “Thank you for staying online.”
Abdul: “I have just shown him the picture and found very impressive. The supervisor is ready give his approval to replace it for free.”
Abdul: “I would say, thank you for your picture.”
BigBrownBoy: “Thank you to you and your supervisor!”

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