Whatever Will I Do

Whenever my brother calls me between 10pm-midnight on a Sunday-Thursday, I tell him I’m sitting in a chair by the fireplace listening to Loveline.
Since 1998, I’ve been a pretty huge fan of this show. But alas, tonight is Adam Carolla’s last night before moving to morning radio. Adam & Dr. Drew really have provided an amazing service and outlet for screwed up kids to get the proper information their parents and schools aren’t giving them. Luckily, I’ve never had a problem requiring me to phone in for advice.
You wouldn’t guess from The Man Show (which I hated), but Adam is an unbelievably rational person. And that’s why I loved listening to the show so much. The only thing I disagree with is his love for cole slaw. He can’t possibly have tasted anything so vile as that little paper cup of slaw served at Harold’s Chicken Shack.
So if you’re looking for me tonight, I’ll be fireside.


It was a give and take battle with the TSA this weekend.
I lost the shoe battle but inadvertantly managed to carry a pair of scissors on-board. The early morning TSA crew was not sympathetic to my expressing fears of athlete’s foot.
Things were more interesting on my return leg. TSA said “you should take your shoes off”. I replied with “I think I’ll keep them on” and walked through. He didn’t put up a fight.
But then my bag was pulled out for extra screening. Those stowaway scissors had come back to haunt me! TSA lady took away my scissors.
The funny part is that I picked up this 8″x12″ framed poster that was lashed to the outside of my bag. It was an Ikea frame that was pretty much just a sheet of glass on top of the print. While repacking my bag post-scissor confiscation, I cut my finger on the glass frame. Instead of wincing in pain, I chuckled to myself.

No Such Thing As A…

You would never guess it, but Zizou has been and is currently enrolled in obedience training.
Tonight, the instructor was explaining various hand signals to teach the dog to down/stay/come. He demonstrated how to do it whether you were right or left handed. After which this chick in the class interjects, “What if you’re ambidexterous? I write with my left hand but I do everything else with my right hand.”
I don’t know about you, but I thought this was hilarious.
Now on a completely different note of racist Euros soccer fans: Bryant Gumbel has a story on the subject on the new episode of HBO Real Sports. Thierry Henry is one of the people interviewed. Check your local listings.

Have It Your Way

Pulled up to the Burger King drive-through tonight…and then watched a big ol’ rat scurry in front of the car. I was willing to overlook that rat and was about to order a Whopper, when three more rats ran by. I pulled a u-turn. During said u-turn, another rat ran by.
In other words, I think I’m done with BK for awhile.


Pour a 40oz out for Peter Jennings. I started watching him when my dad finally gave up on Dan Rather/Connie Chung during our dinner news time. And since TiVo came along, I rarely ever miss the nightly news. Cheers to P.J. for getting it done in a big way.
Though it’s sad to see a brilliant guy knocked out by such a preventable disease. Who’s going to be the first Fox News goon to call him a liberal hack journalist?

What’s 2-feet?

So I realized my first mistake in this fence building thing. All my fence posts running on the sides were spaced 6-feet apart. However, for whatever reason I spaced them 8-feet apart on the back-side. This is problematic as I was using 12-foot 2x2s to span across two sections of fence. You can get them in 16-foot sections (and 8-foot) but they are both financially less advantageous. Aaaargh. I’m working on doing a different design on the back side now to trim some pennies. No way will I make this mistake on my next fence!
Celebrated a birthday this week…no big deal. But props to Duce for being the first to wish me (a day early) and ARW in the Windy provided a nice bookend (a day post).
However, you were all outdone by this email greeting I received (on my actual birthday):

We at TiVo Community would like to wish you a happy birthday today!
Your TiVo Community Team

I know who really loves me, now.

Funk the Toolman

My brother told me last week that I’m “Field & Stream meets Town & Country“. I’m still blushing.
I was having an equipment impasse of sorts, so my fence building grinded to a halt. Until I hit Sears for my first serious tool–a compound miter saw. The fence building is now back in action…and nearing the 50% completion mark. The after-work sawing is coming along nicely, save for the mosquitoes. But with the exception of the gate, it should be mostly complete by this weekend. Cross those fingers…
DSCF0012 (Small).JPG


There’s a coyote in my subdivision!
My abode borders the Longfellow Creek and apparently some coyotes have called it home. A neighbor alerted us to his sighting and not five minutes later, I saw the little guy poking his head up in the thistle. Some brief research shows that a coyote is much more likely to eat a cat than my Zizou. Phew!
And for the record, out here in the country, we don’t pronounce the long “e” sound in Coyot.
On the landscaping front, I botched my lumber order so there was absolutely no progress made. And I need to get the fence up before I can run the cables from the DirecTV dish…aargh. I guess I’ll go read or something, now.

Close But No Cuban Cigar

The US were in Seattle tonight playing Cuba in the Gold Cup (tourney for North/Central America and all those islands in the sea). If you didn’t dial into the Spanish channel Telefutura, you probably missed it. The US’ B/C-team was terrible…but pulled out a 4-1 win by scoring three goals in the final five minutes.
The crowd was odd. Alot were just soccer fans excited to have a match in town no matter that Mexico or England weren’t playing. But it was mostly soccer moms and their kids. The teenage girls went bananas when Landon Donovan came on as a substitute and then scored the go-ahead goal. I don’t really get the teen appeal to Landon–he’s a goofy dude with a receding hairline. But the Tiger Beat kids dig Clay Aiken…so who knows?
The stadium atmosphere was as exciting as a UIC v Youngstown State basketball game I once went to. None of those great “Duh-Marcus Beeeeeasley” chants we all remember from the Fire games going on here. Nothing but kids milling around eating their nachos.
But just like David Putty says, “gotta support the team”. So I’ll be back there on Saturday afternoon between trips to the Home Depot as we face the Canucks.