Dog Days of Summer
Just like everywhere else, it was blazing hot. Ya do what ya gotta do to stay cool. Apparently this way works for Zizou.
My brownness was accredited for my ability to persevere in the heat and knock out some much needed home improvement. More importantly, it was the closest I’ve gotten to exercise in six weeks. There’s nothing terribly exciting to post photos of project-wise, but hopefully this weekend…

Stand By Your Man
I got alot of phone calls/emails/text messages from folks yesterday who were new to the world of Zidane. He didn’t make any new fans, but I still think it’s hard to argue about his ranks in the history books.
So enjoy this clip of his unbelievable volley in the 2002 Champions League Final and this 64mb/6min compilation (set to a questionable soundtrack) showcasing what made homeboy so special.
Ahhhhh, the good ol’ days. And I can barely remember those days when my Zizou was all little and cute.
Allez Zizou!

Iron Man

I had a fresh round of x-rays snapped today. My jaw dropped when I saw what my toes now looks like. Still plenty of healing to be done, but there’s a whole lotta titanium in there to facilitate the process.
I will spare you the non-x-ray view of my toe sporting a fresh new zipper-like scar. Two more weeks on crutches. Aaargh.

Not So Perky-cet

Diagnosis? An angulated/comminuted fracture of the first phalanx of the right great toe.
Solution? A titanium plate/screws to put it all back together.
The Seattle Surgery Center was the venue for this little operation on Friday morning. After checking in, I changed into the obligatory hospital gown, booties, and hair net (sadly, didn’t get a picture of this). The surgeon then sat down and explained the procedure to me. I asked him how long things would take and he told me that “sometimes it’s like a jigsaw puzzle” so it can take up to an hour. I hope my mish mash of bones provided him ample challenge.
The anesthesiologist was Tamilian, so I told her if she needed to yell at me about anything to please do so in Tamil–that way it would feel like I’m at home. The relaxing timbre of her voice was perfect for pre-grame. I wasn’t nervous about the procedure, but you do get a weird feeling when you’re laying naked on an operating table with bright lights beaming. She was telling me that I could take Tamil classes at the temple here in Seattle. I responded that in three years in Seattle I’d never been there. The nurse in the O.R. chimed in with, “Don’t worry…someone is watching over you.” I remember thinking to myself “word up” and then I drifted off…
Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room all groggy. I didn’t have my glasses on, but after some serious squinting I determined there were saltines and graham crackers on the tray before me. I gobbled those down before demanding some apple sauce and water. The nurse was all like “you’ve already had two bags of saline!” I told her to stop being stingy with the saline. Must have been the drugs doing the talking.
Now, it’s nothing but the World Cup in high-definition and my cocktail of percocet, aspirin, ibuprofen, and metamucil. Looks somethings like this:


I’m not really one to share details of my medical history, but x-rays and the like are pretty darn cool. So here’s my foot (as x-rayed today and photographed against my TV). All you armchair radiologists can play the “spot the fracture(s)” game. Good luck!
Hint: Look for the delta-shaped lines on the big toe…


I believe I’ve mentioned here in the past the sorry state of Spain’s attitude towards black footballers. This past weekend at a Zaragoza v Barca match was another item for the scrapbook. Soccernet has a decent piece on this: It Isn’t Rocket Science…
I also found the accompanying video to what happened (11mb-so right click/save as). The visible pain on Samuel Eto’o’s face is just gut-wrenching. The only remotely good thing that happened was Barca then banging in two and at least winning on the pitch.
UPDATE: Talk about a slap on the wrist…Zaragoza has been fined $10,000.

If Cattle Flew

I’m by no means a Peggy Noonan fan…but this piece on airport security is absolutely spot on.

We are debating port security. While we’re at it, how about airport security? Does anyone really believe that has gotten much better since 19 terrorists hijacked four planes five years ago?

I must also admit to being a fan of the Sierra Mist TSA commercial with the hilarious Jim Gaffigan and not-so hilarious Kathy Griffin.

Fun With Dell Chat

My notebook’s battery casing is cracked and requires a screwdriver to extract it from the computer. I’ve got the Dell extended warranty so I hit up the chat to get them to send me a replacement. To help explain things, I gave the guy this fuzzy picture.
They tried to front on me at first, but they came around in the end. Despite the nonsense, I’m still a big Dell fan and only wish I owned lots and lots of their stock. Here’s how things went down:
Abdul: “I would like to inform that we would not be able to replace the battery as it’s only covered for one year warranty. And the laptop is old more then one year, so we could not able to replace the battery in this case.”
Abdul: “The best option is buying a new battery for the computer.”
Abdul: “Your computer’s indeed in the warranty, but the battery is not covered into that.”
Abdul: “I would have love to replace that if I could.”
BigBrownBoy: “what else doesn’t my warranty cover?”
Abdul: “So, I feel very sorry but please try to understand my limitations.”
BigBrownBoy: “this is very disappointing”
Abdul: “Othen then the battery, everything is covered. But the damaged parts.”
BigBrownBoy: “are the details of my warranty available online?”
Abdul: “As battery is out of warranty, but still let me talk to my supervisor that what can be the best I can offer you.”
Abdul: “Please allow me couple of minutes.”
BigBrownBoy: “thank you”
Abdul: “Thank you for staying online.”
Abdul: “I have just shown him the picture and found very impressive. The supervisor is ready give his approval to replace it for free.”
Abdul: “I would say, thank you for your picture.”
BigBrownBoy: “Thank you to you and your supervisor!”