Back to Cape Town | Cruising Chapman’s Peak

Sorry to all the RSS and email subscribers who got that dumb temporary post delivered to them earlier.  I can truthfully say that it was entirely Lillie’s fault.

However, we’ve taken this as a sign that it’s time to post another update from the Cape Town trip since it’s been two months since the last.  So here are some snaps from Chapman’s Peak—west of Cape Town on the Atlantic Coast.  It’s a 9km road boasting 114 curves hugging the ocean.  A fun drive.

Starts in Hout Bay:

And ends in the town of Noordhoek.  Sweet little beach here where we dipped our toes in the Atlantic.  With a little more time, there are some riding stables that would be well worth checking out.  Part of the charm is that you can take the horses for a spin on the beach.


And there’s Table Mountain out in the distance:

While we didn’t hop on horses in Noordhoek, we did hop on horses in Franschoek.  Lillie will tell you that tale in the next post…

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