Antsirabe, Madagascar

Driving after sunset can be pretty terrifying.  So it was a joy to arrive at our hotel for the night–Residence Camelia.  Well-appointed and clean…complete with a tv that I watched England v France in the Rugby World Cup on (albeit sans sound).

Antsirabe is called the pousse-pousse capital of the country.  There’s nothing like hopping in a cart and having a 16 year old kid pull you around town.  Walking out of the hotel and there were a dozen guys begging to win the job, and we settled on the soft-spoken George.  He toted us off to to Chez Jenny–one of our best restaurant experiences of the trip.  Great fire-grilled pizza and bananas flambe complete with nice ambience.  A real treat.

George waiting for us outside as we ate and then hauled us to Cyber Cafe to get on the internets.  Again, this was the best internet cafe we encountered on the trip–both in terms of style and connection speed.  Finally, George tugged us back to the hotel.  I handed him 10,000 ariay (way too much) and he got all fake-mopey.  I liked this kid quite a bit (and he spoke some decent enough English along the way) so I tossed him another 5,000 ariay (way too much) and he was all smiles.

George even waved goodbye to us as we drove away at 7am the next morning.

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