A Really Nice Beach

Coming up a rocky road, you catch your first glimpse of Detwah.  Not bad.

I’m not real sure if this is the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, or the Indian Ocean.  But it’s nothing except clean sand and clear/warm water that we had all to ourselves.  I don’t even know how to swim but still had an amazing time goofing around in the water.

Here’s the scene at dusk:

There’s also an adjacent lagoon (that the campground we stayed at this night overlooks)—this is also at dusk:

These boys had drawn lines in the sand on the beach, and were kicking the soccer ball around—not a bad little venue.

The kid in the front rocking the Real Madrid jersey was for whatever reason very excited when he saw me and Lillie—he raced over to us and took a picture of us on a little camera phone. This made it easy to get a photo of them in return, though.

Touched on breakfast in the last post, so here’s what lunch and dinner would look like for every meal.  Fresh grilled fish of some variety, rice, and a vegetable curry.  If you don’t like those things, you’re going to be in real trouble.  While somewhat monotonous, it was actually totally satisfying.  Though with so many chances, I don’t know how I only ended up with this one terrible photo of the meal..

Accommodations at the Detwah camp were identical to the night before—same pink tent and flimsy mattress.A nice perk was that this camp had generators until 9pm—so it wasn’t completely pitch black at 6pm, and you could charge up any batteries. The bathrooms were again terrible, but a different kind of terrible.  I don’t suggest the low-flow shower for anyone over 5’6.

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